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Gel Nails & Polish In Milton Keynes

What is Gel Nails Polish?

Gel nail application provides the strength of acrylic nails with the appearance of natural nails. Unlike acrylic nails, gel nails only harden when exposed to UV light. Gel polishes are actually very similar to nail polish – you have a base coat, polish colour and topcoat. Each coat has to be cured in the UV light for two to three minutes.


Gel nails are applied to natural nails, not to be confused with acrylic nails which are false nails and far more damaging to the nail bed than Gel polish. Gel polish is applied to your natural nail bed then hardened under a light for super-strong, non-chip polish and should last you 3-4 weeks.

Here is how the process works:

  • First, your nails are filed and cleaned as in a normal manicure and sanded into shape. I always prefer to go with a rounded shape.
  • The tops of the nails need to be buffed to remove its natural shine. This way the primer for the gel nails will adhere better.
  • Cuticles are either pushed back or cut.
  • Then a primer is applied.
  • The first layer of UV nail gel is then applied. After that, you place your fingers into a little box with UV drying light.
  • You then repeat this process with a second layer and a third layer.

This leaves you perfect nail polish, very shiny and very eye-catching!

Be sure to moisturise your nails and cuticles with Vitamin E oil or invest in some good quality hand cream whilst you have your gel nails. Protect from the chemicals used will keep them in great shape and your hands will also be silky soft.


The nature of the Gel Nails Manicure will mean they really need to be removed by a professional. For those brave souls attempting this at home instead of going to your nearest manicurist pay attention. DO NOT RIP OR BITE OFF YOUR GEL NAILS! It destroys your natural nails. To remove “soak-offs” you will need cotton balls, pure acetone, a cuticle stick, foil, a nail file and a nail buffer. Better still go to a professional and get them to remove it get some more applied or go for a natural manicure to give your nails a rest.


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Gel Nail Treatment…………………………. £20

Gel Nails Treatment with removal.. ….£23

Removal with Natural Manicure……….£23

Just removal…………………………………..£10

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Gel polish manicures dry instantly, have a super-glossy effect and can last up to 3 weeks with no chipping, peeling or cracking. Gel nail polish can be applied to natural nails and cause no damage to the nail bed, not to be confused with acrylic nails.