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This is the ideal solution if you haven’t got time for a full Holistic Body Massage or if you have concentrated aches and pains, discomfort or tension in the upper body.


Our back and shoulders are very often the parts of the body where we tend to accumulate muscular tension. Sedentary occupations, postural problems, stress, as well as hard physical work, can all contribute to excessive build-up of soreness and pain in this area of the body.

A Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage will loosen the muscles in the back and shoulders where tension exists. Allowing your body to unwind during a Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage will get rid of stiffness and promote deep relaxation. By speeding up circulation over a wide area of the body, more fresh, oxygenated blood will nourish the tissues, relieving aches and aiding tissue recovery and repair.

Most of us will experience backache at some time in our lives and a Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage can work as effective prevention, by loosening up any tense muscles before they start mistreating you. If you already suffer from tension and pain, you will start feeling better during the treatment and hopefully will continue to feel noticeable benefits afterwards.

If you suffer from chronic and/or severe pain, however, please consult your GP as to the suitability of a Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage for your specific condition.

What are the health benefits of a Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage?

  • By its soothing effect on the sensory nerve endings in the skin, it will promote relaxation.
  • It relieves muscular tension and pain in the neck and shoulders.
  • It improves the elasticity of the skin and the muscles.
  • It can also stimulate spinal nerves, producing feelings of invigoration.
  • It increases blood circulation to the areas being massaged, promoting healing.
  • By stimulating lymphatic drainage, it will help to eliminate toxins.
  • Where needed, a deeper massage will assist in breaking down and dispersing fibrous nodules and ‘knots’.
  • It can improve the extensibility of old scar tissues and help to free scars from underlying tissues.
  • It will leave you with a feeling of well-being.

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